How to customize this An error occurred, please contact your system administrator. error

  Hi, “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.” system error, so how to customize this system  error message with required message for individual module, that without effecting all other mudules. Thanks, Satya.    
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Have you tried using the “Disabled during action” option set to “Yes” on the action buttons used to call the microflows?

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Hi Satyanarayana,

You can add a message like for example: " data is loading " . Inside the button you have added the microflow  below that  you can see microflow settings. Go to edit select blocking add your message in a progress bar so that the user will understand. 

If you have a huge data REST calls will consume more time for that you can select asynchronous .

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Hi Satya,

Open the application in studio pro and find out the “System text” section in the app module under the Navigation section. You can see and edit all of the system messages over there.

But editing those things is not the best practice. If you want to show the customized error message follow the lines below.

“An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.” this is a Mendix default feature this will happen if some operation is getting failed.

Ex: If you have two variables like Date1(With value) and  Date2 (Empty value), you’re comparing two dates like Date1<=Date2. It will produce an above error which means there is no value to compare- Null point exception.

You have to use a proper error handler action to overcome this and show some customized feedback or information messages to show the users.

Hope it will help you.

Thanks & regards
Dinesh Gunasekaran