Edit/modify search bar

Hi, How can I edit or modify the search bar? We need the design match our design system’s look and feel. Therefore I want to put the caption inside the search fields as placeholders (not prepopulate/default value). Also the fields auto-fit content and the buttons below the fields, instead of next to them on the right hand side.   Current: .   Resulting in:   Wanted:    
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The best way to achieve this is with a listview instead of a datagrid.

With a datagrid (aka table), you don't have much room for custom styling.


If you change to a list view, you can add custom filters on top of the listview.

Documentation on list view controls can you find here: https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/widgets/list-view-controls/

Those controle can be customized perfectly with SaSS/CSS to make a pixel perfect design.


Hopefully this helps,