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Day 1 with Mendix after working with other low code platforms. Using the web builder I created an an entity with autonumber and displayed a list on a page. When I attempted to view the app and check functionality,  I was prompted with a message about security.   The app could not be displayed and the reason given was to do with write permission on the autonumber field. OK, good to be secure but I am very surprised that the system assumes anyone would write back to autonumber field?   I was advised to open the app in “Studio” and reset security there. Oh? I cannot do from the web?   No worries, happy to play along, I install Studio and try to open the app. Cannot be opened due to version mismatch.   I understand all systems have “quirks” and limitations but setting security to write back to an autofilled field? It doesn’t sound right?
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Autonumbers are strictly read-only in Mendix. As for the other issue, it might be best to create a ticket with Mendix support, sounds like a bug.