Dynamic Tab selection

In our application, we have view and edit pages for each object. In these view/edit pages we have tabs to organize the data. Both View and Edit pages contain the same tabs.    When users go from view page to edit page, we want the tab they were in to be the same tab in the other page.    For example: Let’s say we have an object called Customer. So, we have Customer_Edit and Customer_View pages. In both pages, we have 3 tabs called; Tab1, Tab2, and Tab3. If the user in the Customer_View page is in Tab2 and then presses Edit Customer button (which will open the Customer_Edit page) the Tab2 in Customer_Edit page should be active.    I tried a few Tab Switchers widgets using the tab onclick widgets to change the Tab index numbers. However, could not achieve the functionality as we wanted.    Any suggestions on how we can achieve this result?
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Have a look at the tabswitcher widget: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/2964/Valcon/TabSwitcher this will allow you to achieve exactly what you describe