How to create a form/questionnaire with multiple possible answers?

Hello Everyone, in the common forms, the use case is something like this:                        Q: Name of the Author                        A: Mark Thompson                            – Save In my project I need a form/questionnaire to be able to do something like this (more than 1, in the same question):                       Q: Name of the authors                       A: Mark Thompson                           (User add another space)                            Lindsay Wilson                           (User add another space)                             Freddy Bolton                                 – Save   How Can I do this? With a special module? or just a trick for entities and relations etc. I intend with the “Questionnaire module” But don’t kno if I didn’t use it well or maybe there’s another easier way   I don’t know, if you can help me I will really appreciate it. Thank you! Have a nice day!
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