Open side panel (not side bar navigation) from the data grid

Hi Folks,   Any one has come of the scenarios where on click of a data grid row, shows the details of that row in side panel? I tried:        1.using the Data view which listens to data grid. This is working. How ever this data view is always be there whether you are clicking it any row in the data grid or not. As data view is listening the datagrid, I cannot open it based on a boolean attribute. As I already have a default button which does when I double click. so I cannot call a micorflow from the datagrid on a single click to set the boolean as data grid supports only one at a time(double click or single click).Also lots of customization is required to show this as a side panel to open, close and css stuffs.  ToggleSidebar from Nano flow commons: This opens the sidebar from the navigation not my data view.  I am unable to figure out how to replace the menu navigation item into my data view which listens to data grid row. I am not that good at javascript to make it work.   I am using NPE to show the list using data grid through association.  Came across this post which is already matching my case. But seems like no solution found on this post. Any suggestions or the java script action which helps me to open a dataview when a data grid row is clicked?   Thanks and Regards, Nirmal Kumar
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I’ve seen something like this, which was done using a modal popup. So click on the item and you get the popup window. However the popup was styled with css so that it appeared on the right side of the screen, full height.

Something like this:

  .modal-dialog.fullscreen {

    padding: 0;

    width: 50vw !important;

    right: 0 !important;

    left: auto !important;

    animation: slide-right 0.6s;