Personalized content /interface for different users

Hello,   Currently I am working on setting up a system with a user specific interface based on an algorithm.   We would like to set up a platform with personalized content. As input for the personalization, we would  ask the user a couple of questions and select based on that the version of an information page that suits best to the users answers. E.g. a more graphical version of the information instead of only text or the addition of more examples if someone likes that best. Moreover, we would like to allow to change the website structure for different users, e.g. a more linear tunnel based approach versus a hierarchical tree based approach. And possibly we want to add an option for the user to adapt the previous settings if the interface does not fit well with the wishes of the user.   I think this is a relatively specific use case and am therefore comparing different low-code platforms. Could you give me information about whether it is possible to implement these options into Mendix and if not, which part is problematic?   Thank you very much for helping me to get more insight!
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Hi Lianne,


Showing content based on data parameters is one of the core competenties of Mendix.

This can be done on multiple levels.


If you need help in the future, I am happy to help.