Conditionally appearing images according to data

Hello everyone!   I have a data set which shows the status of products (let’s say). In total I have 5 different status and what I want to do is to use images according to these status. For example, if the products is shipped there will be truck image or icon. If the product is delivered there will be a home image or icon. But I want to see the status horizontally.  Here is an example.   Can someone help me to give some ideas how can I begin to such a process?   Thank you all.
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Dear Egemen,

Enumeration data type is an appropriate to represent a values of a fixed set. In addition, Mendix platform also provides you with the capability of assigning a specific image to each enumerated value which you can apply on UI in order to present image rather than a caption text. 

Putting data set on UI is another topic which can depend on several aspects. In general, you can implement this by using a datagrid or a list view.

Hope it helps,