List view not working properly

Hello all. I'm having the following issue. I have a page with a list view with a filter, which is hidden but it is shown if I click "Search". The issue is, if I click search, my list view items disappear, the application freezes and I have to go back to a previous page to load it all again. I get the warning "Did you configure BootstrapTooltip widget correctly? Couldn't find an element with class 'warning_icon' on same level as widget (id='BootstrapTooltip_widget_BootstrapTooltipContext_24')" on the Google Chrome console whenever this happens. I do have this widget installed and configured, which uses the class "warning_icon". But what is strange to me is that I have other similar pages which use the same widget and work perfectly. Any hint on how to solve this?  Thanks in advance.
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