Global Search in a Mendix App

Hi,   We’re making a proposal for a project which involves converting Intrexx apps to Mendix. Intrexx seems to support global search functionality natively, apparently using Apache Solr. In Intrexx it’s as easy as checking boxes for the items you want to expose to the search engine. The Global Search from Intrexx we would need to replicate in Mendix needs to be able to do full-text search, along with entity attributes and menu items/static text. I’ve come across these resources which seem to cover full-text search and entity attributes, but we haven’t experimented with any of these yet. I’m not sure, however, if these solutions allow for searching static text. The idea is for the Global Search results to include links to pages where the search term matches label or menu item captions. Has someone already come across this challenge? Could you advise on the best approach for this? Whether we need to develop our own Elasticsearch or Solr implementation or perhaps license some external service such as Yext.   Any help is much appreciated.  
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