How to find the root cause of the connector EofException error

We have a page with datagrid2 widget with the datasource as nanoflow which has microflow internally. That microflow will connect to AWS S3(using AWSS3connector) and fetch the data and also validates it and returns the final non-persistent object list back to datagrid2.  Recently, users are facing a strange issue. Whenever the user opens the page and click on fetch button, then datagrid2 will be loaded with data. But recently, this data load is taking so much. Ideally it should take 2-3min, but sometimes taking more than 15mins(happened 2-3 in last 6 days). It is started working fine after that. Based on the logs, I could see that data fetch from S3 and validation, all done, even the last log activity just before the End activity also printed. After that I could see the below error which I am not sure why it is causing.    ERROR - Connector: An error has occurred while handling the request.   ERROR - Connector: null at  at at Caused by: Connection reset by peer  
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