No validation feedback popup when field is not found

In our app we validate entries using a validation microflow in an on leave event. Sometimes though, this on leave is triggered when the editable field where the related input widget is in, is hidden. What happens than is that first the field is hidden after which the on leave is triggered. The validation feedback then can't find the field it is supposed to send feedback to and instead shows a popup. For our app we do not want to show the popup. It is not a problem that the input is invalid when the field is hidden, it just should not display the validation feedback popup. Is there a way to prevent this popup from being shown?
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This is standard behaviour of the platform that you can’t override. In the validation microflow you are aware whether this field is shown and should be checked and validation feedback needs to be shown. So you’ll need to add an extra bit of logic in the microflow performing the validation.