How to create Job Status with drop down functionality

Good afternoon,   Can I please ask a question re how to add a function as I'm quite new to Mendix and what I'm doing doesn't seem to be fully functioning, thank you.    Please see below my user story. I've added a Job Status attribute which is appearing fine however there is no option for me to change the status for example from Open to In Progress. I appreciate your assistance, thank you :)      
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Hi Zohra shamseden,


From your story card, it says status has multiple options. SO it should be Enumeration with values.

So, it is something which looks like

Attribute – Status

Type – Enumeration

Enum values – In_Progress, Open_Default, Closed


It also says – it should automatically change the status.

Let’s say when you have done some change and click on save button.

Have a microflow which will change the selected value of the status attribute.



Hope this helps!