Grid controllbar first/next/previous/last do not work

Hi I/m using the email_connector of 16-oct-2023, I can assign more than 5 placeholders to my emailtemplate, 5 are shown the next 2 are counted in the control bar (5 of 7) but can not be reached because the controllbar buttons(arrows) do not work. I had the same problem before in a datagrid and I changed them to datagrid2. Within the emailconnector snippet I'm not able to edit the datagrid to datagrid2.  I think another generic component that is used by the datagrid is broken in my app since its a generic problem in all my datagrids, but I do have no idea where to look for? Can somebody help?   In addition: the arrowicons are visible in the Studiopro development environment, but are not visible at runtime, while using the app.   Thanks Peter
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Looks like issue with your stylesheet ordering / overlapping. Go to  App -> Settings -> Theme to correct the order.  On browser, right click  on Gird and select inspect, check HTML syntax and CSS of arrow icons.