How to change the page an SSO users gets send to after a Session Timeout?

I have implemented SSO for our application using Azure's Active Directory. SSO users and non-SSO users can now log into our application. I have also set the runtime variables "EnableKeepAlive" to false and "SessionTimeout" to 900.000 milliseconds. The timeout works perfectly with non-users.   The problem is that when an user with an SSO account gets a time-out, they are redirected to the standard login page and not the SSO logout page. In the OIDC "ACT_Logout" microflow, this is used on the logout button. Here, the SSO user is sent to the SSO logout page, and the non-SSO user is sent to the regular login screen.   I would like the SSO user to be redirected to the SSO login page instead of the regular login page. Is there a way for the "Act_Logout" to be called during the timeout to allow users to return to the correct page?   Any information would be much appreciated.  
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