Why is my app web viewer displaying differently between android devices?

I have an app that uses a web viewer widget to display Wordpress sites via URL.  Using a Pixel 7 and an S23 the page does not render the same.  The widget is inside a container with a scroll.  With my pixel i can scroll and see the entire wordpress document.  With my S23, when i scroll part of the wordpress document is cut off.  I have a custom class to increase the height. export const webviewsize={ container: { ...Platform.select({ ios: { height: 550, }, android: { height: 600, }, }), }, Any idea how i can get the page to not be cut off for all android devices.  No matter the size of the device.  Also another user has test the app with the S23+ and the wordpress document was getting cut off as well.  Pixel 7 and S23+ has almost the same size screen with S23+ just a little bit taller.
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