Labels truncated in the bar chart

Good morning, we have a problem. In the bar graph display, the label text is sometimes truncated when viewed diagonally. Does anyone know of a way to avoid this and display the entire label text? Thanks in advance!
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Set the margin using advanced layout json like this:


  "margin": {
    "l": 50,   // left margin
    "r": 50,   // right margin
    "t": 50,   // top margin
    "b": 50    // bottom margin



Hi Ilaria,


Assuming you are using the standard Mendix Chart widgets, the layout can be configured via the Advanced Tab as you can find here in the Mendix docs.

I'd advise to play around with it from some values you can check here in the Plotly documents. 

The format the widget expects is: 

  "key": "value"

Hope you can get it work!