Show Maintanence screen for Deep links

Hello All, I have an application and we have a custom maintanance screen. Once the admin enable the Application is Under Maintenance boolean value, the maintanance screen will be displayed to all the users. Admin can flip it back once the maintanance is over. I have handled this by adding logic in the microflow of default home page. And all working good.   Now the problem is we have deep links. While users are trying to access through deep links they received from the mails, they are able to access the application. How can I redirect deep link also to maintenance screen? =============Update================= I do have page URLs with Id as paramenter also in the application as below. Is this can be controlled?  
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You should be able to find out where the pending link is checked and executed (could be the regular DeepLinkHome microflow or customized. 

In the calling microflow, you can add a check for the maintenance mode, similar to your default homepage logic. See example below