how can different user roles login in a app?

how can different user roles login in a app means suppose i am creating a library management system app and i have three user roles  1.administrator 2.member  3.librarian so how can they login to the app and see the their pages which have been given access to them suppose librarian have been given access to edit the book and books categories  please give me a proper idea about that
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You can create an account through the account_overview page, which is accessible to the administrator.


In this training, you will find all the information on how to create and manage roles.

Mendix Academy - 9.4 Access Rules

The home page for a specific role can be set in "Navigation" on the role-based home page.

If a certain role hasn't been granted access to a page, they won't see it in their application. You can add pages to the navigation menu.


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