Pass user authentification to iframe

Hey there, I want to embed different dashboards as an iframe in my app. That actually works well. However, the user must first log in to the corresponding application.    As an example: I have embedded a Power BI report. There is a login window for the user that says: Sign in to view this report -> Sign in (see screenshot). If the user clicks on sign in, he will then see the dashboard in my app. However, I would like to pass the app authentication of the user so that this authentification window is skipped and the dashboard is displayed directly. Is there a way to achieve this?   FYI: I use Entra ID as authentication for the Mendix app.   Best regards  
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Well, according to the Power BI documentation: "Whether a user opens a report URL directly, or one that's embedded in a web portal, report access requires authentication. The following screen appears if a user hasn't signed in to Power BI in their browser session". 


This means that the user needs to have an active session in the browser or will see this button, no way around it.