Where to store images so that they can be access with Sass in Atlas 3

Historically in Atlas and Atlas 2 - there were locations where you could save files in the project directory that would allow a Sass class to access the image (ie. background: url(../images/heros/low-tide-3.jpg) center center no-repeat #000;)   Does this location exist in Atlas 3? If so, where would I be able to save the image to reuse the existing class?   For context -  I'm upgrading a legacy application to V9 and would prefer to reuse some of the static files that are located in the project directory as opposed to rebuilding them in the modeler.
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Figured it out. Create and/or modify an existing module to be a UI module. Create a "resources" folder in the public folder of the module and place the image there. You can then access the image from a Sass class inside the module's themesource directory using the following: url(resources/{file/image name})


FYI - found this poaching from the Atlas Core module




create a public folder in your module directory, and point to it (this is where we store brand logos, illustrations, etc)