Reverse Boolean checkbox

hi everyone.   we are working on some simple ticketing system. we have a checkbox called isResolved, this is great for dispatch, when it is done, hit isResolved. we use this boolean to filter the list.   When creating a new ticket, we don't really want to ask isResolved, but rather - Does this need attention. this is the same question, but formulated as the reverse.   is there a setting in the checkbox widget to 'reverse true/false' to help with these kinds of situations?
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The two attributes you describe seem like different attributes.  One for the person creating the ticket (reporting the issue) and one for the person resolving the issue.  And it seems like the values of the attributes would be inverse.  So it doesn't *seem* like a single attribute to me.


Maybe you could use an enumeration?  Values might be Needs Attention and Resolved.  This would prevent you having to try to pull a 'boolean switcheroo' which has some risks, imo.




I guess the most safe solution to these kinds of requirements, without using javascript, is to create a new attribute in a npe helper in combination with change events