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I am working on with the library management system there as a librarian i want to approve the book requests of the member inside the app and as well as through the mail i have done it inside the app but how can i do it through mail(means suppose the librarian has approved the books how can the librarian send that notification of the same through the email to the member can you show the microflow)?
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Hi Adrija,


If I understand you correctly you want to send out an email with an URL in the body where the user can click on to do a certain action. Beside the email connector module you need to use the deeplink module:


If you are using a recent version of Mendix 10.6.0 or new than this module is replaced with a new one as mentioned at the above URL. The above page describes how it works and what you need to do.


In short:

- Your email should consist the url with an unique id for example: (so adjust your emailtemplate/tokens)

- Create a microflow that is used behind the DeepLink and can handle your request with as parameter that 123 value as book ID.

- When the deeplink module is added you should add the management page to your navigation then in the runtime add a new url with the above microflow as handler (dont forget to run modelreflection first)


Good luck.


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You can use the Email Connector to send e-mails. Be sure to follow the documentation on how to set up the connector and use it. Simply add an action to send the e-mail where you also have your logic to create the notification.


Hi Adrija Chakraborty,


You can send the email when the status is changed in the approval microflow itself.


Use the Email Connector module to send the email. Go through the documentation of the marketplace module to get a clear idea of how to configure that module.