Studio Pro is closing suddenly, what could be the reason for this?

  I have encountered persistent issues with the Studio Pro application (version 9.24.3). Regrettably, the software has been closing unexpectedly on multiple occasions, though the underlying reason remains unclear. Additionally, I have observed the necessity to manually save each modification, as otherwise, the changes are lost entirely. Attempts to resolve the matter through reinstallation have proven unsuccessful. This ongoing complication has caused considerable difficulties in my work with the software. I remain receptive to any constructive suggestions that may aid in addressing and remedying this concerning situation. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.   Respectfully, Sai Kumar Bevara
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Hey Sai,

due to release plan of Mendix studio pro 9.24, there was only one report of crashing of studio pro that was fixed in 9.24.4

  • We fixed an issue where Studio Pro crashed if you accidentally dropped a container widget onto itself. (Ticket 189191)

I will suggest you to update your app to latest version of Mendix studio pro 9.24.22

Best regards, Slavko