input form excel sheet style and performance

We are rebuilding an existing excel workbook into an new mendix application. The business customer would like to have an input form for their data like they have in excel where they can immediatelly see for every amount they enter what the impact is on calculated fields. To be more concrete, this is what we have built tody : The green zone are the input fields. The yellow zone contains the calculated fields.  For every input field that is changed, a calculation microflow is called and the calculated object is refreshed. But what we expire is : 1. on every field "leave" event the calculation microflow is called and the whole entity object is refreshed in the client. The effect is that when the user enters some values before the microflow server call is completed, these values are overwritten with the result of the calculation. 2. also after refresh of the client when going to another inputfield with the tab key, the cursor is placed after the value with makes that the user has to first use the backspace to delete the existing value to enter the new value 3. for the first problem, we enabled the blocking of the client until the microflow is finished, but slows down the user experience of the data input Are this better solutions for this type of form?    
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Hi Olivier,

You will miss many advantages if you use an excel sheet as design for a new application. It seems you skip the step of a functional analysis and proper ux-design... The amount of on-change and on-leave microflows you'll need will cause bad performance  and user experience. You could reconsider the use of the excel-sheet as set-up for the app.