Efficient Data Entry

One of the apps I'm working on requires quite a bit of data input entry.  At most about 6,000 rows, but enough to be unreasonable to fill in row by row.  The users would prefer to be able to copy  a table from excel for example and be able to paste it straight into the app.  What is the best way to accommodate this with Mendix?  Essentially I'd like to copy and paste multiple rows of data straight into a grid like format similar to a data grid where you could add rows to the bottom of the list.  I know I could probably import through excel but I'd like to keep the process tidy within Mendix if possible.  
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I am afraid that is not possible. But importing Excel sheets is not that much of a hassle. Even more so if the template is always the same. I would create a wizard like interface so that in step one the user uploads the data. Step 2 where he can view the imported data (use NPE's for that and do not import directly) and step 3 do the data process and let the end user check the result. This way the process is tidy within Mendix because you do not import directly in your entities but always use an intermediate NPE entity.