Tables with foreign key relation and display each table data on different pages

Hi, I would like to define several tables with foreign key relations and I would like to display each table on a seperate page based on main overview table. Example: Page1 data from Table1:  CustomerID type String  OrderNumber type string   Page2 data from Table2: If I click on CustomerID on page1 then it has to show that particular customer details on page2 Customer Name Customer Address Customer City Customer Country etc Page3 data from Table3: If I click on OrderNumber on page1 then it has to show that particular order Details details on page3 Order Created Date Order Created Person Order Status etc. Kindly let me know if require more details from my end. Thanks in advance.    
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These are Mendix basics, which are explained in the Mendix learning paths;


Hi Trivenugopal,

I believe this would be a help for you to implement the above. You can use CustomString custom widget from Appstore.

1. In Page1 Dataview of the Customer entity place two CustomString(Context) and display the CustomerID and OrderNumber returned by the source MFs of both the added widgets.
2. Configure two MFs for setting them as onClick MFs for both the widgets.
3. One MF will be passing your Customer object to Page 2 which will have a DataView to receive the object and display the Customer details/attributes.
4. The other MF will be retrieving your Order from the Customer association and pass the object to Page 3 which will have a Dataview to receive the object and display the Order details/attributes.

Hope this works for you!