Strange behaviour of vertical scrollbar

Hello everybody! I am experiencing very strange behaviour of the vertical scrollbar in a page. The page is an overview of several datagrids, all contained in a layoutgrid. When I call a popup, to create a new object and start typing, the vertical scrollbar alternates between visible and hidden, every other character typed. I've added two screenshots to illustrate this. Does someone know how I can resolve this? My browser is chrome. screenshot 1:   Screenshot 2: Thanks in advance!  
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Hi Bart,

I don't think this is related to mendix itself but the way your browser tries to render a web page and it's components.  Try reducing the zoom levels in your browser 'Ctrl -'  to 75-80% and try opening your pop-up again.

You can try various systems with different screen resolution.

If this is bugging you then I think reducing the height of your popup page can help. Share your findings and let us know! :)