Anyone else find sharing/updating Databases Clunky?

I work at a project once a week, and every time i go there i need to update my project. And download the newest database, then implement the database using pgAdmin. It always costs me more time than I'd like, Im sure there is a good reason for it working this way. But like how my Business Dev's dont have to worry about Sass I'd prefer not to have to worry about Database managment. Not sure if Im the onlyl one though :D 
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I have automated this long ago and publish a script for that. Download here:


drop these 3 files in the root of your project, changes your environment vars and user/pass and drag a backup of the cloud (full backup) onto the .bat file and it will do all the magic (backup db, delete db, create db en restore)  πŸ‘Š


For the built-in hsqldb something similar to what you are looking for is available:

  • You can create a data snapshot of your current database
  • Commit this with your projects, so it's available for other developers in your project
  • When someone updates his project, he can unzip the snapshot to get a hsqldb database with all required data

More info here:


There is a way to initialize your PostgreSQL database using the data-snapshot:

  • unzip the datasnapshot to a folder
  • Make sure your postgresql database is empty
  • In your project settings, specify that your database should be initialized using the snapshot. Use the custom settings below.
  • When you start your project, all data from the snapshot will be copied to your postgres database.



Not sure what you mean by ' working this way'

I know that there are indeed a lot of similar issues related to setting up a specific work environment. Usually there is a solution to automate these tasks, but that depends on your specific requirements,

In your case you could just setup a script to update that DB.


Checkout the second and third tip of this set of productivity-tips. With a bit of luck and a bit of effort you can get the restore-script to restore any database you download.


I have no idea how DB's work,
but from my non-technical perspective I can imagine having next to the commit button, a "commit DB" and "download DB" buttons.