double click on a list view item throws

Hi guys I have a ListView with onClick "Call a Microflow". Whenever people double click any list item, the page throws an error: "An error has occurred that might have been caused by fast reload. Refresh the page to fix it." I find it to be very weird that List View onClick Microflow settings don't have the settings to show progress bar "blocking".  Is there any way around that? Cheers Tom
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Two answers:

The error you get, is due to a redeployment of your app, while the page is opened. this can be fixed by refreshing the browser. (note that this is only an error you get in development during local deployment. would never happen in production)

Secondly; Not having a progress bar setting on the onclick behavior; yes that would be a great feature, but won't solve the thrown error.

A work around to get a progress bar is to add a navigation list into the listview as first item using a single item and add the content in it. Make the item trigger a microflow and set the progress bar in the microflow settings