Background image issue after running the app in mendix cloud.

Hi Team, I have a problem with the  background image. When I run my app locally I have no issues with the background image . But once I run the app on mendix cloud I have issues. I'm not able to see the background image only for the first page. The rest of the pages have image. Note: I use the same background image for all the pages.   On Inspecting the pages I got the following information : Local Run: First Page: background-image: url("http://localhost:8080//img/QuoteAndBuy$leisuretravel.jpg?636610360561086311"); Run on cloud : First Page: background-image: url("$leisuretravel.jpg?636609675294954430");' Rest of the pages: background-image:url('./img/QuoteAndBuy$leisuretravel.jpg');  
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Change it to:


(Remove the dot before the slash)