The URL of a Mendix application is not deep link

I noticed when I walk around a Mendix made application. Its URL keeps same as the landing page. Can we configure Mendix to use deep link so that users can bookmark a page of their favorite and directly reach there when they come back later?
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You can use the Set URL widget to set an URL in the location bar:

In this case you can Refresh the page and bookmark pages . Make sure the deeplink you set there actually works  šŸ˜€

nb. This forum is using this technique also šŸ¤“


You can define the url for each specific page: 

Unfortunately this only works for pages, so if you also want to be able to create a URL for pages opened via Microflows you need to use the DeepLink module: 


I think this is an issue most people run into early on while working with MX.

Im sure there is a valid reason for it, anyone know why?