Is there any actions to get an integer value when using CSS?

We are able to get a string value using "Get text" action. Is there any function to get an Integer value.Because we are unable to get an Integer value while using CSS selector.So far we have a functionality called "get text " which return type in the form of string. Our expectation is we need a function to convert String to integer or get return value as integer so that the integer return type can be used in Assert greater than/assert greater/assert less than/less than.      
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CSS cant "read" the dom if that is what you are asking?

I dont think I understand the question otherwise :D 


Looks like this is an ATS specific question. That took me a minute to figure out. In the future, please include the context of what you're trying to achieve in your question.

Per my colleague: you can use return javascript integer that would take the output of the get text action and use js to parse it to an integer.

I'm not fully versed in ATS but I hope that gets you moving in the right direction.