is there a way to retrace your MXpage from the DOM?

Often im working on applications that have been around for a while. A common practise is for me to click around untill i find something broken, then in MX retrace those steps untill i reach the page. but is there a way for me to inspect the page and for example find a pageID and then search for that in MX?   or do you guys have a better way of finding the page you are looking at?
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Marnix's answer is correct. I have added the following shortcut to my toolbar:


But.... This has changed in newer versions of Mendix, that's why I have a second shortcut:


I think the latter only works in Mendix 7.14 and up, the first one for the older versions...

Clicking that bookmark will result in an alert telling me in which page I am working:




Hi Jason,

There's a way, but it's not pretty per se.

If you open the Developer Tools in (for example) Chrome, and open the network tab. Then browse to a page in your app, you'll see a bunch of requests. One of he hits will be a <YourFormName>.page.xml?RANDOMIDHERE.

Obviously, <YourFormName> corresponds to your page in the Modeler 


Open de inspector console tab and paste,


This will avoid having to have to go search for the exact page that was loaded at that time.