Dynamic Tab containers

Hi I have an application were we have groups of users. Each user has a whole bunch of intormation. The idea is to create a interface where the names of the tabs are equal to the names of the users. When you click on the tab it shows you the info of that user. is this possible to do in mx? (and in 6.9)
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My first idea would be to use a list view with a listen to widget dataview to get the functionality and css to make the whole thing look like tabs.



Tab Extension (Dynamic tab names, Buttons), a widget in the AppStore should cover you in setting up the names of users as the tab titles? I haven't used the widget myself. But says to be compatible with Mendix 6.0.1 and up, so I guess it should work with 6.9.

But from an interaction design perspective this seems to me like a horrible solution for larger groups of users.

Otherwise, if this widget doesn't cover your needs. You can always use a listview with all the users in it, and make a listen to widget show the content of the "tab"