How to show a page as a blocking popup?

I have a page with two fields. How can I show it as a blocking popup? I have already defined the template of page as model popup, but it is not a blocking popup.  
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Hi Reshma,

On the Layout of the PopupLayout, there is a property of Layout Type.  If you change this to "Modal pop-up" It becomes a blocking popup.


Hi Reshma,


In the properties dialog box that you are showing, click "show" next to layout. Then pull out the properties for the layout and see if modal pop up is selected as the layout type. If it shows "Pop up" then it wont be a blocking pop up.


Hope this helps!


Edit: I looked at the model reflection module and the pop up layout type in this module is set to "pop up". I would use a different pop up layout our duplicate this layout, move the new layout to one of your modules, and change the layout type.