How to keep the display layout when user narrow the browser screen

we implemented a "_Sidebar_Full_Responsive" page to display "Dataview" with "Layout grid" container: expect to display the content in one row with the order          Col1image  Col1  Col2  Col3  Col4 when user narrow the browser screen, it display the content in separated rows as          Col1Image          Col1          Col2          Col3          Col3 We try to set the fixed width (min-width and width) for the "Dataview"  and "Layout grid" it not works. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Yang,

This can be done with classes:

The layout grid 'breaks' based on screen size, which can be manipulated in your styling.

To force it to stay the same however, add the above classes to the layout grid columns. In this example I have 3 columns, with width 4. These classes basically mean: take 4/12 width when screen is medium (md), and the same for small (sm) and extra small (xs). Alternatively, you could use a table: these distribute width without taking screen size in consideration.

For more documentation on the grid system see the official Bootstrap documentation:


The class works great!  Thanks.