Navigate through editable datagrid

Hi community, For one project we have a page that lists many objects that should be editable for bulk editing. The page displays 200 objects with their attributes. Desired behavior is to navigate with keys through the different fields and rows. A list view performs poorly. In addition, it 's not possible to navigate to the next row. The datagrid performs excellent, but once you enter a field for data editing, you cannot navigate any further. After editing a field, focus is lost from the datagrid and the mouse is needed to proceed. Do you have any other suggestions (besides building a new datagrid widget)?
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Hello Menno,

Assuming that your users need to press enter to submit the value in the grid, adding a KeyUp event through the HTML snippet might be an option, you can then check if Enter was pressed and if the currently focused element is a child of your grid.

Afterwards you can refocus on a parent object, say something like ... document.activeElement.parentElement.focus();

It's a bit of a stretch as Mendix might still disperse the focus but I think it's worth a try.

Hope this helps.