Drop down values being reset to empty

We are experiencing problems where we have a form that is displayed using the PopUp Layout, sometimes when we set the attribute values of an object using a drop down and save the object using the standard Save button, when we go back into the form we see that the values in the dropdowns are being reset to empty.  We are not sure what could be causing this.  Has anyone experienced this issue or has any idea what could be causing this and how to fix this?  Thank you, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
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I would suggest double check access rights. Is that user allowed to change the reference? Also check for any OnChange actions on the form and check those.






How is this popup page opened?  Using an open page button (or edit button) or via a microflow?  I seem to remember having issues (especially in Mx6) where I had unanticipated behaviors when opening a popup page via an open page button.  I got around these issues by creating a microflow that had an open page action in it to open a popup page.

Also, Ronald's suggestion is a good one:  are there any before or after commit events on the entity?

One other suggestion to help troubleshoot:  what happens if you open a page to edit this entity in a full page (i.e. not a popup)?  Does the behavior change?

Hope that helps,