word or text wrapping

In a datagrid I have data with sentences I want to wrap the text so that it can appear in next line automaticall as per column width. Mayeb my question look repeated but any previous answer for text wrapping or word rapping is not working form me.  Please guide... I have already tried overflow-wrap: normal; overflow-wrap: break-word; overflow-wrap: inherit; overflow-wrap: initial; overflow-wrap: unset overflow-wrap: normal; word-wrap: break-word word-wrap: break-all;
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It looks like the data wrapper is applying white-space: nowrap to the div that is holding the text. 

.mx-datagrid-data-wrapper {

  1. overflow: hidden;
  2. white-space: nowrap;



if you apply word-wrap: break-word; and white-space: normal; to the .mx-datagrid-data-wrapper div then you would be able to have the desired affect.