Create a new object from a reference selector

I'm relatively new to Mendix and my issue is this: Say I have a reference selector dropdown in a form but the user doesn't see what they want to select in the dropdown. They want to be able to create a new object without leaving the page of what they were trying to initially create. I tried putting a button underneath the selector, but it won't let me make it go to my new edit page because it doesn't have the object it needs to pass in order to do that. Ideally there could be an option in the dropdown to create a new object of that type, but I have no clue how to do that. Thanks :)
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You can't do this with the out of the box reference selector.  However, the Label Selector widget in the appstore will do this for you, and it can provide some other useful features like letting people type to search for a reference value.

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