How to add validation to Data Grid?

I have a datagrid that's populated by importing data from an excel sheet.  Because of this, the records aren't edited record by record, so I'm unable to utilize the default validation functionality on Mendix when you look at the data through a dataview.  I'm looking to implement something similar when the user tries to commit the datagrid records before moving onto the next page.  I'm hoping to find a solution where I can make a red outline around the row that has a validation issue, just like what happens in a dataview.  Was trying the possibility of doing this based on a new boolean attribute in the entity that signifies if the record is valid or not then doing some conditional formatting based on that attribute, but can't find a way to apply this formatting to more than just the attribute that's being used as the condition.      
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Check out the Grid Cell Styler widget in the app store. It is designed to add classes to rows or cells in a data grid based on a Nanoflow or your own JavaScript. See the GitHub repository for a test project with working examples as well.