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Problem: I am not able to display "system.changedBy” user when I export a .csv file from my application. Noticed: Currently, only System.Administrator is able to view this column. Work around: I managed a workaround solution for this problem. Instead of calling on "system.changedBy”, I created a new attribute (type ‘string’) in an entity and set the string value to $currentUser/Name via a microflow. Question: How can one give access to "system.changedBy” to different user roles in an application?
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This is because the 'User' settings in the UserManagement say that 'User' manage the following user roles: (no roles are selected).

If you change the radio button here to 'All' it solves your problem (but might unearth other issues)




Samuel, If I understand you correctly, you have a datagrid showing columns of an entity, among which the datagrid shows the system.changedby and the standard csv-export button. Like this (I named Entity 'Entity' and attribute 'Attribute' due to lack of imagination):

Upon pressing "Export to CSV" you only get the values of 'Attribute'? That's weird, because in this case (having security Off) I get

Having security set to Demo/Prototype, and after changing the first object and pressing Export, I get the value as well:

Same when I switch to demo-user. So all looks fine. Where do you go wrong? Does Export to Excel give you the same problem?

Editted after Lukas Toft added his answer: I tried this in my model and he is absolutely right. Without the rights to manage users having a role that the current user is manager of, the changed&created attributes are no longer readable. You do however still get the  values of each user that the current user does manage, including her own changes: