Adding walkthroughs in your application

Hello,   One of our clients has asked if it was possible to create a walkthrough for an application, where new users could get a tour, or extra help texts, etcetera. An example of one of these services is However, when looking at the technical limitations, appcues isn't suited for web applications where the URL does not change as the user navigates (source:   I was wondering if someone has experience  with building a walkthrough or using a third party service for this, and has tips for how we could implement this for our client. Thanks in advance
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The IntroWidget might be what you are looking for :)


I've once looked at creating a widget for it. There's plenty of JavaScript libraries that you could import that will give you 90% of the functionality. You usually only need to provide the IDs/classes that help to position the helpers at the right locations on your page.


BootstrapTour is a nice one as well: