Where to see the progress of a feedback ticket created in the modeller

Hello, today, I get an error from the modeler. I sued the suggested possibility to send the error with a description in the modeler. After that, I get a message with a ticket number. Where do I can see the progress of the ticket number or further information about it?
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You used to be able to see your own feedback in Sprintr but that functionality is not there anymore. So indeed it seems that a support ticket is the only way to find out.




I started searching and it seems it is still visible. Goto your profile and then the tab activity. There you have a feedback button and it will show you all the feedback that you have given. Some of the fucnctionality is broken though. Clicking details will result in an error :)


I think it’s an internal number. unfortunately, they don’t have a public bugtracker. All you can do is open a support Ticket at https://support.mendix.com and ask about the status.