login.html tips and tricks?

Hi guys, I’m currently working on redesigning login.html. The main question i have is: What is the reason for this page is so different to everything else in mendix (static html page)? Why is the css for this page where it is? in the root of “styles” instead of in “styles/css/” Why is it not included in Atlas? or is it in Atlas and i missed it? The login can be made in Mendix, why is the default not in Mendix (question by rob)   I’m currently going to rewrite the html of login.html, make it responsive and include the design in Atlas Sass, if anyone has tips let me know.
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Hi Jason,

  Instead of using the default login.html, why don’t you bring your login page into Mendix? To do this, you can enable anonymous users, then set the default home page for anonymous users to be a new ‘login’ page that you build in the modeler. You can then take advantage of all the Atlas styling resources.  You can use the Authentication default widget sets to put your login fields wherever you want.  Just be sure to design your security so anonymous users only have access to the bare minimum they need to log in.  For more information on this, check out:

Authentication widgets

Anonymous security



Hello Jason,

For the first question I’ve always assumed it was to minimise concurrent users and app load by displaying static data. It’d be nice to have confirmation either way.