Skip login page and redirect to App via SSO on SCP?

Hi everyone, I’ve deployed my app to the SAP Cloud Platform and use the xsuaa instance to enable Single-Sign-On. It is working so far, but is there any possibility to skip the login page and get directly logged in by accessing the App? I use for authorizing the users. I’ve already found out that when I change the json parameters of the xsuaa instance within the SAP Cloud Cockpit to the following, it skips the login page: {   "oauth2-configuration": {     "allowedproviders": [""]   } } But as for that I need to delete and recreate the instance, the roles configuration gets lost and access is denied. Isn’t there any other way to keep the configuration created and updated automatically by the environment on the Mendix platform and just change the fact that there is no Login page shown? Is there any snippet I can insert into the login.html file to prevent the login page from being shown and still enabling Single Sign On to the App? I am aware that I can do the role configuration by myself, but I was wondering if there isn’t a way to keep the automatically created instance. Thank you very much for your answer, Laura  
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Hello Laura,

I don’t think you can redirect on login with default Mendix functionality – It would be something really nice to have as I’ve seen this situation multiple times now.

You can always use a URL redirector to send the user to your SSO provider URL or to a deeplink/SAML location to perform app logic/setup.

Hope this helps