Changing theme changed the view of list items on a page.

I changed The theme of my application since I wanted to change the logo of my application. But due to some unknown reason, the list items which were appearing on the page are coming one after the other. As shown in below screenshot. This screenshot is for ”custom-theme”   in settings of the project module.     And this screenshot is with the “no-theme” selected.  What can be the cause of this view change?
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Each theme has its own styling for the mendix model, also for data grids and layout grids. Those can differ among them.


Not using a theme is probably the reason for this styling change.


You can look up the theme styling by looking in the project folder (docs-mendix-project folder) to the css/sass  <project folder>\theme\styles\css\custom.css or theme\styles\sass\custom.scss

Compare those stylings with your own “no theme styling” (be sure you have set up your own css, like described here: )


every theme has its own style,

use the layout grid widget and sort the list on it in order to apply your need.