dynamic rows colomns - table (pivot table)

So we are making a table (see image below) we would like to be able to add rows, and add coloums the height of the header is dynamic which means they should all move with it (1,2) table and layouts have theirs colomns nested in rows, but because of how datagrids work, and because it needs to scroll while the first row stands still it might be an idea to make it a listview (3,4) and to make it worse, there need to be checkboxes in the cells. I've seen there is a pivot table widget, but it hasnt been updated since 2016, anyone any experience with anthing like this?
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I don’t think pivot table is an option because I don’t think it supports input controls (like checkboxes) in the cells.

Seems to me you’ll need to build this using a Listview and CSS to control the display characteristics.  Not a great answer, I know, but I have build something similar to this using that approach.



Your use case seems very similar to this widget: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/266, though it does not have the concept of a multi-line header.

I realize it might not meet all your needs, but perhaps you can draw some inspiration from it, and build a similar widget based on flexboxes.