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Hi,   I’ve seen some topics of this on the forum, but most of those are over 5 years old and I can’t find my answers there. So I’ve created a new app, just to test, how the localization/internationalization works. On my homepage I added this label into a data view: This text is written in the language selected by the user, which is: {1}, where the parameter is the Description property of the language of the current user (parameter from the data source microflow). Then I added 2 more languages and translated the label with Batch translate. Then added a drop down with language codes and in an on-change microflow I selected the language and set it as the current users language. Last I’ve set up the security. Selecting a value from the list changed the parameter value in the label, but not the language of it. After that I tried to save the language and set it in the data source microflow of the data view, which gave the same result. I also tried the Locale Switcher widget, added the snippet, but it also doesnt work and it gives me this error:  Cannot set property '_blocked' of undefined TypeError: Cannot set property '_blocked' of undefined     at callback (http://localhost:8080/widgets/LocaleTester/widget/LocaleTester.js?636900699808569998:124:39)   What am I missing here? How should this be done? I don’t care, if the page must be refreshed.
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Generally changes to a user require a re-log into the app.

That might be what’s causing issues for you. The locale switcher should be handling this, but the easiest way to check is re-log and see if it helps.

The language object shouldn’t need changing, you need only commit the user object.


It is not necessary to autologin/relogin for this – but indeed language is not refreshed automatically.

Have a look at this thread:

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I have no experience with the widget so I do not know if it is still working as should. The trick is to autologin again after the language has been changed. You can use this forum post

to see how autologin works. It is a bit technical though but Matt;'s blog explains all the necesarry steps. Otherwise Edit your original question on where you get stuck.